Graphic Design

   Graphic design is all about manipulating shape, color and structure into one visual DNA.


   In a way - yes, you could do it yourself, but in case you just haven't the time for it we'll be happy to assist.

   Now, in the hands of our graphic designers they'll need to decide which of the shapes, colors and structure is best to fit your needs. In order to do so we really need to schedule a meeting with you. we need to understand the essence of your product and your insights, past thinking, research, development, clients, users, dreams, body language, characters, wishes…

   Yes, sometimes during this stage clients say: "It really helped us in clarifying our needs and getting a clearer point of view".

   Wow! Great! But our job doesn't end here.

   Next stage is playing loud music, relax, Google around, Facebook a little, wiki here, chatting there, A complete study.

   When we wake up from the brainstorming, the table is clear and a concept is built (sometimes 3).

   Once we have that it is really a matter of mastering the graphic software and Voila! A new visual DNA is born!

   Now when you're pleased with your unique visual DNA, we can base on that and move on creating a world of elements and tools. a complete visual language.

   Our services include:

   Logo Design, packaging, brochures, digital media, print, catalogue, magazines, conference sales position and presentations.